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The Tech Industry

As we all know, in the last decades, technology has evolved faster that we would have imagined. We can't really imagine life today without all the technology that is surrounding us.

Our involvement

Bev has been paying attention to the tech spec since she was involved in different businesses along the years. This is why the SpeakUpBev brand is always opened to all kind of directions. Although we focus on only a few zones of activity, there is always room for opportunities that might appear from the corner.

The future always brings new things. Human imagination works harder than human enterprise, but at any given moment, scientists and engineers are redesigning future technology and the world around us in big and small ways.


Maybe we don’t realise it yet because we’ve lived through it, but the rate of progress over the last half century has been abnormal – staggering in fields as broad as computing, medicine, communications and materials science.




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