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Michael Gabriel

Michael is on a mission!

He is doing his 48 state tour in 2021 and all of his concerts are free to listen. His music comes from true passion and you can start listening his music by clicking here.


ABOUT Michael

How would you react if you hear a music artist is doing a 48 state tour out of his pocket?


Michael is the true definition of what true passion means. Without it nobody would invest so much energy and time. 2021 is the year he decided to bring a positive change and he started "My Lil' 48 State Tour" where he does a live performance together with his voice and his guitar.Michael has been performing for many years so this is not a new thing for him. There is also a way we can support him directly. He has a lovely dog called Shep.


The story is touching because they have been together through so many. This is why he created different T-shirt designs that if you buy you support his tour.You can get your T-shirt by clicking here.


Please know that the 15% from each shirt sold is going to a very good cause. Your support also helps with all of the hard costs involved with providing free virtual concerts on the 'My Lil' 48 State Tour'. For the next 2 weeks - these 6 shirt styles will be available to residents in the US and Canada. Just place your order and the shirts will be printed and mailed directly to your doorstep - once the fundraiser has ended.

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