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Bev Moore

Unity, Confidence, Kindness

Bev Moore is the CEO/owner of Bev Moore Talent Agency. She is a Philanthropist, Global Influencer and Writer. She offers in-depth guides empowering and inspiring others to flourish for a better future. 


Bev has co-founded and managed multi-million dollar companies over the years. She’s a current owner and CEO of many different business ventures. Her business expertise and personal experiences combined give a special energy to any given audience. 


Bev builds upon the Swahili Proverb; Unity is Strength, Division is Weakness. She believes great things can be accomplished while people are unified towards a common goal in numbers rather than by themselves. This gives them a greater power to far exceed their expectations. This philosophy inspired Bev to take action and launch her platform. As we speak, the platform is growing and now you can also be a part of it.


As an entrepreneur, Bev has been involved in a serious business environment and her experience applies to all of her work and what she is trying to achieve. Because of the choices she made, Bev has a vast experience and now she is focusing on touching as many lives as possible.


Bev is a philanthropist, she invests time, money, and energy in causes that resonate with her values. There have been numerous projects where Bev has left her fingerprint. Bev believes in the power of doing. Don’t promise, prove!


When it comes to writing, on the website you are going to find different articles Bev has written that can help you move forward in your own personal story. Bev will help you find the resources you need to achieve success.


Since the start of her platform in 2020, Bev has created a safe space for lifting people up, networking, and boosting careers. Basically, a hub is now live where everybody can find resources in a time of need. Bev has always been ready for any challenge and she has always tried something new by experimenting and opening new doors.


You are going to find useful insights that help navigate the challenges of life and reach the next level that you want/ make what seemed impossible now possible. You will change your mindset so you can overcome any challenge ahead and become self-aware in order to position yourself as a winner.

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