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What happens when we fall in love?

One of the most beautiful experiences we have in life is falling in love with someone. People usually describe it as a crazy emotional roller-coaster that switches very fast from minute to minute.

If you’ve met your other half or you think you are falling in love as we speak, then this article is for you. We are going to look at the stages that people go through when they fall in love. This will help us get a better understanding of the chemistry of love and what people experience. Think you might be falling in love? Here is what you might be experiencing:

1. Know that you are interested in this person as more than friends

We don’t know exactly what triggers this. It might be their smile or maybe you’ve been spending enough time with the person to know that you are interested in being more than just friends. When you realize this, it doesn’t take long before you know the feelings are mutual. You start the dating process and see what happens.

2. One word: Preoccupation

You are thinking about that person all the time. You get easily distracted because you’re always thinking about the last time you saw them. They are on your mind all the time, every night and day which can sometimes keep you from sleeping well at night.

3. You start to see them as nothing but perfect

You simply become blind at this stage. You can’t find anything bad about that person. They are completely adorable, even if they keep you up snoring in the middle of the night. You believe they can’t do anything wrong and you’ll never be separated again.

4. Insecurity appears

At this stage you are really getting very involved with this person but you are not 100% sure they feel the same way about you. You become too awkward and nervous to discuss it around them which makes you anxious and insecure. This is when over thinking sets in and can destroy your relationship.

Remember, there’s a big chance they are just as insecure as you are. You are both in the same situation so try to relax and take control of your emotions.

5. Intimacy

As you spend time together, you become more intimate. Protective walls are dropped one by one as you let each other get closer and share each other’s past. This can mean helping each other go through difficult times that you haven’t experienced before.

6. It’s amazing

The world looks and feels like an amazing place. Life is beautiful and you wake up each day with a big smile on your face. Nothing can go wrong so why open your mind to such thoughts. It feels perfect and this might be exactly the person you’ve been looking for.

7. Did you say jealousy?

In this stage you want to make sure that nobody else is a threat to your relationship. You might be going through your partner’s social media account to find out if they are interested in other people. Often enough, we even check their phone when they are in the bathroom. It’s normal to be scared, but doing these things are not going to help you stay calm.

The lesson is very simple. Don’t assume, just ask.

8. Harmony

If you went through the steps just mentioned and you are still with your partner, then you can officially say that you are in a relationship. This is an awesome experience!

It means you are in a sincere partnership with somebody that you care about. This means you are going to feel one of the most fulfilling things that you can experience in your lifetime. It’s called real love.

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