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Richard Donner, he was larger than life!

Richard Donner, who unfortunately passed away this Monday at age 91 was by far one of the biggest producers that we have seen. Movie lovers around the world are in grief as the man that brought them Superman, the Lethal Weapon movies, The Omen and countless others including X-men is not among us anymore.

There is no doubt that Dick Donner was a giant, very admired due to the on-going positive reactions to all of his movies. His wife said in an interview that she was a lucky woman to have him in her life and that she felt very loved by him.

Richard Donner started out as an actor and has been in the movie business for more than 60 years. The first movie he acted in was a 1961 film called X-15. Did he know at that time that many years ahead he would be directing together with his wife X-Men? Probably no, but that is where it all started. And how can we forget when in 1997 he launched Conspiracy Theory, a great thriller/action movie where actors like Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts and Cylk Cozart made amazing scenes.

Richard was larger than life, he was a kind soul and everybody that knew him loved him so much. And even though this is a sad time for his family, it is important to know that the love was there even when he was alive. He was always personable and “If he couldn’t remember your name, he’d call you ‘kid’.”

That was Richard, he knew how to make people feel very special. His heart was BIG and he knew how to give a proper hug. You could feel the warmth and he did not waste time with unimportant things. When situations were tough he knew how to be tough.

Another highlight of his career is back in 2006 when he launched 16 Blocks. You’ve guessed it, another thriller/action movie that was a big success and brought many big names like Bruce Willis, David Morse and Cylk Cozart to the same set.

All of his team and crew respected him. Richard knew how to be a leader, bringing also fun times into play when they were needed the most, his wife also announced that later this year in September, she is going to do a memorial in September at Warner Bros when everybody is going to get back from their vacation.

Richard Donner did not make movies just to win prizes or fame. He made movies for people that love movies. Because of this, many of his movies are big and will remain in cinema history, exactly like the man himself.

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