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PTSD and Depression, how to cope with them?

PTSD is a psychological disorder that has its origin in traumatic events that people go through. War veterans are the people who experience this quite often but it can also be the result of trauma that takes place outside war scenarios.

What does Trauma really mean?

When we go through an event that causes us harm in our lives, this is called trauma. Trauma doesn’t have to be severe for it to happen. Example, an argument with a loved one or car accident without significant impact.

Trauma can be severe. People who go through extreme depression or PTSD can have a tough time with sleeping and they usually have several nightmares or flashbacks. Luckily, if you are having issues with your mental health because of trauma, there are plenty of ways you can fight off symptoms and have a better life.

Practicing Calming Techniques

People who struggle with PTSD and depression are going to feel anxiety on a daily basis. This is where calming techniques can help out. You can start implementing these methods and take control over different anxiety levels.

A good time to try this is during the evening hours. Start with a warm bath and add some Epsom salts or a bath bomb that has a calming aroma. Settle down with your favorite book, breath deeply and make a conscious effort to completely relax. Do this a couple of times each week to clear your mind and enjoy the moment you’re in.

In case you don’t like to do baths, we still have a suggestion that can work for you. It’s simple and all you have to do is start listening to your favorite music. This is a nice option because even if you have a busy schedule, you can do it without disturbing those around you. You need to make sure the music has calming vibes with a slow tempo. Be consistent and give the new habit time to kick in.

It’s all in the mind

PTSD and depression have a strong way of draining energy from their victims. This is why even if it sounds hard, doing exercise can be an important step in learning how to cope with it.

A lot of us run away when we hear about exercising because it might sound like an extra task. If exercising is boring for you, consider trying a routine that sounds more fun. One good example is taking dancing classes or climbing. These activities also count as exercise where you win on both sides. Working out while having fun at the same time.

Give some room for feelings

When a traumatic event happens, you are going to have reactions that you might not have been expecting. Usually it’s the fear that no one will understand or the fear of being alone.

When this happens, you need to remind yourself that you are strong and you can get through it. If we pretend that our problems do not exist, how can we expect to overcome them?

PTSD and depression are progressive diseases. This means our fears never go away on their own. We need to put forth our own effort to defeat PTSD.

Ask for help

You are going to need a strong support system if you want to go through this chapter in your life. There is no reason to feel shame about what happened to you. When we feel overwhelmed, we should always reach out to a close friend and tell them how we feel.

It is a good time to vent things or ask for advice. Even just talking about what we are going through can help us calm down. Let your friends help and take advantage of all the resources that are available to you.

It takes time

The road towards recovery is long and it’s not something that happens overnight. Recovery is not a linear process and for some people it can even last a few years depending on the severity of the trauma.

Be patient with yourself and focus on the idea that good things take time. One day, everything will get easier so keep persevering until that day comes.

Medical studies back up the fact that therapy is a very good solution for people who struggle with PTSD and depression.

A therapist will have a better understanding and can start making recommendations that will be useful for your recovery. Try these coping strategies combined with these suggestions from a therapist. It may be the solution that you need.

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