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How much do you know? PTSD Awareness Month

In June, there is a special day that we don’t pay much attention to. Unfortunately, PTSD is all about trauma. The trauma that causes PTSD can have its origins in many different events that happen to us.

When did it start?

It can be an accident, a natural disaster or combat. PTSD has been documented in humans for a long period in our history. The first signs that appeared were found in a poem from 50 BC. Hippocrates mentioned a traumatic battle experience about a soldier that kept getting PTSD-like combat flashbacks. They also mentioned PTSD during the Hundred Year’s War that took place between England and France.

The time when it got a new meaning happened in the Civil War during the 1800s, as chaos became widespread in the country. PTSD also had different names in history, one popular name was “railway spine”.

A big moment when PTSD hit hard was during World War 1. There were plenty of rudimentary treatments that were being experimented but they did not fix the problem. During the Vietnam War, a new chapter began with a better understanding where PTSD started. At the same time, there were some important studies done by psychologists on Holocaust victims and War veterans that helped prove how different kinds of trauma can lead to PTSD.

How is it viewed today?

Today, PTSD is easier to treat. A lot of progress has been made. This is why June has become the National PTSD Awareness Month. There is a big effort on educating people with more details about it and this month we are also going to focus on different subjects around PTSD.

Why is it important?

  1. PTSD is a widespread illness

Around 8 million Americans suffer from PTSD. This is not a small amount and it is important to understand how our fellow citizens feel and what they go through each day. With more knowledge about the disorder, we can make the lives of people suffering less stressful and even support them so they can recover faster.

  1. Awareness helps people with PTSD find treatment

More awareness means more funds can be raised for organizations that support people with PTSD. A social media post like this one, brings attention to the disease and encourages people to understand PTSD better and support the movement at the same time.

  1. It’s all about healing

By being more aware of PTSD we can help and be involved more. A big part of the treatment against PTSD is about social support and opening up to others so why not do it?

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