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Find yourself in this Blog with Bev

In the last blog we asked what gift have you tapped into with your inner strength?

Here are Bev’s recommendations:

  • Know who you are.

  • Spend time in silence.

  • Set a routine.

  • Create the right circle.

  • Gain control of your body.

  • Give yourself a good home.

  • Connect with the source of your power.

Find yourself in this Blog with Bev

We all have to take a journey and one of the most important adventures that we go through is discovering our true selves. There are many of us who don’t have a deep connection inside ourselves so it’s easy to build the wrong image.

We can find ourselves questioning; Who am I? What is my purpose? Finding yourself can sound strange, but it is actually a process that we all go through. It is a personal journey that all of us need to make happen.

This journey is challenging and sometimes it can even be harmful. We need to approach it with an open heart and curiosity. With this in mind, here are some guides that might help as you proceed.

#Find a meaning for your past

In order to see who you are you need to pay attention to your story. Exploring our past is a good starting point so we can understand ourselves better and become who we want to be. There is a lot of research that shows that the things that happen to us define who we become. But they are not completely responsible for the entirety.

#Search for meaning

In order to connect with yourself you need to find your true personal sense of purpose. You can do this by separating the point of view that you have from other people’s expectations. Other studies show that the happiest people always seek out meaning more than simple pleasure. So we can assume that finding yourself is connected to finding one's meaning.

#Be specific with what you want

There is a huge tendency to focus on the negative aspects when we create things. We shouldn’t fall so easily in this victim mindset and complain about the circumstances that we go through. Knowing what we want is important when we want to find ourselves.

Make a list and try to go back to it from week to week and see if you remain consistent with what you have written down.

#Be aware of your power

When we want a change, we are ready to take power and make something happen with our lives. Your personal power is based on confidence and strength. Knowing our personal power means that we are ready to see the things that we are capable of. We actually create the world that we live in day by day.

#Believe in the power of friendship

Even though we can’t choose the family we are born into, we can choose the friends that we surround ourselves with. We can seek people that make us happy and that believe in our dreams. Doing this is an important component in finding yourself.

Question time

What do you find most challenging in starting this journey?

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