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Find your Inner Strength in this Blog with Bev

In the last blog we asked you guys what you can start doing today that is going to help you bring your inner peace? Want to share what were your thoughts?

Here are Bev’s recommendations:

  • Spend time with nature

  • Meditation

  • Don’t let past mistakes define you

  • Take responsibility for your actions

  • Love yourself

  • Be Grateful

  • Declutter

Find your Inner Strength in this Blog with Bev

Make up your mind that no matter what comes your way, no matter how difficult, no matter how unfair, you will do more than survive. Some people will only be there for you when they need something from you. There are also many beautiful people who love the joy of sitting beside you. It’s when you’re going through the most difficult chapter of life that your hero is revealed, you have the strength to save yourself.

Who are you?

In our society there is a strong desire to look within to find our authentic self. What motivates you? What makes you feel joy? How do you walk a personal path that is going to get you closer to your true values?

Unfortunately, most of us don’t ask the right questions. We’re focused on the surface where it doesn't really matter. Everybody wants a fancy job, a nice car and go to fancy restaurants. These things are nice but have nothing to do with who we really are.

If time and money were not a factor, what would you still be doing?

Once you figure out what you enjoy, you’ll be able to make an action plan that adapts with your life. Here is a list of questions that can help you make the best plan:

  • What would you do if nothing was standing in your way?

  • What are the obstacles?

  • How can I transform obstacles into opportunities?

  • How can I change my current lifestyle to get closer towards my goal?

  • What is the gift in this challenge ahead?

When you figure out what your priorities are, you will have more energy and time. You will know how to act and you will be able to track your progress. Life should be a flow of lessons, adventures and opportunities to spread peace.

Use meditation

Meditation is an effective practice that will help you relax and get closer to your inner strength. Here is a meditation that you can try whenever you feel like it.

  1. Sit comfortable and listen carefully to your thoughts

  2. Once you feel comfortable, be quiet and silence your mind

  3. Focus on your breathing and one question.

  4. Ask yourself, “Who am I?”

  5. Then explore anything that flows through you without judgement.

When you start discovering who you are, it gets more profound and empowering.

It’s good to write down your thoughts after meditation. It’s one of the most powerful ways to download new information.

Once you start asking the right question and doing the right things, you will start walking in the right direction and your life’s adventure begins. If we really want to find our Inner Strength, we need to learn how to focus and leave distractions.

There is always more at our fingertips if we just put in the work of knowing ourselves and the beautiful stories that await to be discovered.

Question Time

What gift have you tapped into with your inner strength?

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